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With experience in design, copy writing, coding, photography, and all-around good ideasmanship, Very Good Design Company can create or find the solution for you. I love helping entrepreneurs express who they are and how they add value to their audiences. I enjoy working with established brands to reshape their identity or discover how to maximize their outreach efforts. I want to hear what marketing and design issues you could use some help with. Contact me today.

But if you really need some specifics, I offer the following services: Brand Development, Website Design & Development, Print & Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Consulting, and Content Creation.

Brand Development

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A brand isn’t a slogan or a tagline; it’s a story. It’s who you are and why you are different than everyone else. The entire life of your business or your career is that story, and we want to help you tell it. I will work with you at any stage of your brand development to relay who you are and what you do. As a part of the process, I typically do some or all of the following:

  • Have great conversations about your identity and your vision
  • Identify and describe your target audience
  • Develop a cohesive portrayal of you and your mission


Website Design and Development

Four women discussing paperwork, probably designing a websiteA successful website is one that visitors (readers and customers) want to return to over and over again. They find your content engaging and actually enjoy browsing through your pages and blog posts or looking through your images. I want to help you create that place. Whether you use your web presence to sell products, deliver information, or just as a place where people can find out more about you, I can provide a solution for your needs. Every website I design includes:

  • Easy to use WordPress site built on the Genesis framework so you can add/edit pages and blog posts without coding
  • Mobile responsive pages that look great on any size screen (Within reason. If you want to see your page on your smartwatch, we made need to put in a little extra work.)
  • Onsite SEO: code and meta-tags that are optimized for search engines and an XML sitemap to help Google find you and your content
  • Standards compliant code (so browsers, and visitors, enjoy your site)
  • Visitor statistics via Google Analytics that allow you to see when viewers on visiting your site and how they got there (an essential tool for finding out why people care about your message)
  • Social networking and bookmarking icons to allow visitors to connect with you on whatever outlets you use


General Design Services

Man looking at his product in a lithography classI will work with you to create an effective and engaging presence, whether on or offline. I do it because I love it. I enjoy discussing typefaces and kerning. I am th person who complains about poorly designed “lost dog” signs. I am passionate about details so you don’t have to be. Services can be for digital products, your website, or analog products. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Logo design
  • Color palette exploration and integration
  • Photo editing and restoration
  • Great letterhead & business cards
  • Movie posters, flyers, lost dog signs
  • Designs to promote your reading, baby shower, once in a lifetime sale
  • Book design, tattoos (non-refundable)
  • Bah mitzvah announcements, hipster totebags
  • And so on….


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Men in an old photo working on radio devicesI believe in an integrated approach to search engine optimization. While you won’t have trouble finding people to promise you quick results with a few simple steps, or more often for a low, low price, this is mostly smoke and mirrors. There are a few basic principles for SEO, and they don’t involve gimmicks or secrets. When you produce valuable content, and you make it easy to find, Google rewards you for it (other search engines too, but, come on, it’s Google). All of my website packages include basic on-site SEO to give you the right foundation. For more guidance, however, I also offer:

  • Keyword research
  • Copy editing to help create content that search engines (and people) like
  • Consulting for off-site SEO
  • Advice on meta tags


Social Media Consulting

Three men talking at a barSocial media sites can be an excellent way to attract and engage an audience. They can also be an overwhelming blackhole, a dense nonexistence allowing neither light nor time to escape its gravitational pull, which grows with every new piece of matter that is absorbed. I would like to keep you out of that second area. Whether with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, or whatever is the next new thing, I can help you devise a strategy that offers value to your audience without keeping you away from what you love. Social media services include:

  • Custom approach to social media that benefits you and your audience
  • Creation and integration of social media profiles
  • Content consulting
  • Audience research to maximize the impact of your interactions
  • One free Like. Just kidding, I like you whether you work with me or not. But don’t let anyone convince you to pay for Likes or ThumbsUp, or Pluses, or any other pats on the back. Paying for friends doesn’t even work in the movies.
  • Other great advice like that last bullet point


Content CreationTwo men working at typewriters in an old office

You might have all the text and images for your site ready to go, and you just need help arranging them in a pleasing and effective manner. Or you might just have an idea and need an experienced writer or photographer to help create the site you have in mind. Or maybe you have a site and you need some guidance with editing or creating new content to keep your audience engaged. I can craft a package to assist you in whatever way you need. Content services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Stock photography services
  • Custom photography
  • Research
  • Podcast consultation
  • Custom writing and editing for your blog or social media site

Other services

You know what you need the most, so tell me. What are you struggling with?

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