Very Good Design Company is the creation of Joshua Bowen: a writer, designer, developer, amateur wood worker, full-time father, and sometimes photographer. He has the following to say for himself.

More than Photo of Joshua Bowenjust about anything else, I enjoy the art of making. I am still mesmerized by the idea that I can have a vision and then see it become a reality, whether in a physical or digital medium. I have found that story is the driving force behind everything that piques my interest, and I love helping entrepreneurs and artists find and share their narrative.

My design philosophy:  Work with each client as a partner, helping to build,  not just a static site for information, but an ever-changing hub for interaction, engagement, and education.

My general philosophy: Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. (John Watson)

My living the good life philosophy: If your passion is solving other people’s problems, you will find fulfillment, even if it take some time and hard work.